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Customer support comes first. Before process, before color proofs, before final printing, everything starts with you. For this reason, we now offer 100% English support. Throughout your project, we are available Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, to address any of your questions or concerns. We're also available to answer any enquiries you may have before you begin.

Ordering Process

1. Product selection

Using the list of corresponding sizes and remarks as reference, please click on the product you wish to select.

*This will connect you to a Japanese web page. Please contact us in case you need assistance.

2. Selecting the paper, delivery date, and total price

STEP 1 (Selecting paper)

Please select the paper of your choice from the pull down menu.

“Information on paper types” in “DTP technical guide/Basic information”.
⇒“About Paper types”.

STEP 2 (Selecting delivery date)

Please select the delivery date from the options on the right. Please not that these options indicate the shipping day. The product will be shipped in the number of days you select, counting from the day after order confirmation.

“product delivery (shipping)” in “About delivery dates”.
⇒“About Delivery dates”

STEP 3 (Total price)

From the price list, please click on the price corresponding to the number of copies and specifications you require.

3. Selecting options

Please select the necessary options from the pull down menu and click on the “Add” button. Please be sure to complete this step regarding the items marked “Mandatory”.

4. Shopping cart

  • Please input data file name in the “Memo” column.
  • Please change quantity as needed.
    *Whenever change are made in quantity or in the memo column, please be sure to press the “refresh” button.
  • Please select from “Purchase without membership registration”, “Login and purchase”, or “Register and purchase”.

5. Ordering and order confirmation

Please order online, and confirm the order number displayed immediately after finalization of your order.

*Your order number will be necessary to upload data and make inquiries.

Confirmation email - Order confirmation

After you finalize your order, an order number will be displayed on your screen. An email entitled “Order confirmation” will be sent to the email address you provided when placing your order. Please confirm your order and contact us either by phone or email should there be any errors, before uploading any data.

The order confirmation email will be sent by an automatic distribution system.  If by any chance you do not receive the email due to internet problems, please contact us immediately by phone of email.

6. Payment

If you select bank transfer as your payment method, account details will be attached in the order confirmation email. Please use this account number when transferring your payment.

If you select credit card as your method of payment, the fee will be charged to the credit card you specified during finalization of your order. If the total fee has not been determined due to Office data or processing options, please make the final payment after receiving the order change notification email.

Your order will be shipped after confirmation of payment in the case of bank transfer.

Confirmation email - Payment confirmation

An email entitled “Payment confirmation” will be sent to you after we have confirmed the bank transfer.  Please note that bank transfers may take time depending on the bank brand. If there is a possibility that the transfer will be delayed until the following day, please fax us a copy of the receipt and also contact us by telephone.

*This email will only be sent if you select bank transfer as your method of payment. It will not be sent with selection of credit card payment.

If there are any alterations in your order and the final payment due, an email entitled “Notice of order change (payment change)” will be sent separately. Please make the necessary payments as instructed in the email.

7. Uploading printing data

After confirming your order, please upload print data by way of WEB or email, or send it to us on any form of media equipment.

*Printing will start only after finalization of your order.

Please send us the print data in its finalized form so that there is no alteration or correction required. If we receive the print data on the same day as confirmation of your order, we will be able to check the data within 24 hours.

[Data upload deadline]

*Weekday data upload deadline:
  For product delivery in 2 (or more) days [20:00pm]
  For product delivery in one day [15:00pm]

Confirmation email - Notice upon receipt of data

This email will be sent once we receive the data. If we have any problems downloading the data, (i.e. inability to unzip a compressed file) we will contact you immediately.

*If you do not receive this email over 12 hours after uploading the data, please contact us.

8. Data check

We will check the data uploaded to us. This is done to make sure there are no errors in items that are essential to the printing/manufacturing process only, it does not include checking for errors in spelling and/or design. Please check the data carefully before uploading it to avoid problems concerning the latter.

Confirmation email - Notice of data check completion

You will receive a notice by email once we have completed the checking process. The date of acceptance confirmation shown in this email will be the date the printing/manufacturing process begins. Please note that we cannot accept any changes after this date.

If an error is found during the checking process, corrections must be made and the revised data must be uploaded again. Please note that this will delay the printing schedule, and therefore double checking the data before uploading it would be beneficial.

9. Printing and modification

When data checking is complete and acceptance date is confirmed, the printing process will begin.

10. Delivery of final product

Products ordered at the same time (in the same shopping cart) will be delivered simultaneously once printing is complete. Invoices for these orders will also be sent together. Products ordered separately will not be delivered at the same time.

Confirmation email - Notification of delivery

Once delivery arrangements are completed,we will notify you by email. Also included in the email will be a link to the page on which your inquiry number is indicated. Please use the inquiry number to confirm the status of your delivery via the carrier’s website. Please let us know if this email has not arrived by the appointed day of delivery.

11. Arrival of product

Once you receive the product, please confirm the contents and let us know in case you have any inquiries. Please note that your inquiry number will be necessary upon requesting information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Ordering

Q: What is an order No.?
A: This is also referred to as an “acceptance number” or “order number”, and is issued when you place your order online. Any information regarding your order is managed with this number. You may be asked to present this number when you make inquiries or changes regarding your order. Please remember your order number.
Q: What is user registration?
A: The user registration system allows you to place other orders following your first order without having to input your personal information again. Registered customers will also be sent information on new products and bargain deals. Please make use of this system.
Q: I’ve forgotten my ID and password.
A: If you forget your ID or password, you can login by answering the “secret question” you set up when you registered your password or ID.
If you have forgotten both your password and ID, please contact our customer support service by email or by using the inquiry form.
We will send your ID to the registered email address.
Q: Can I place orders in quantities that are not on the price list?
A: We can accommodate your request depending on the specifications of your order.  Please contact our customer support service for further information.
Q: How do I chance my order?
A: You can change your order by accessing “My Page”
Depending on how far along we are on printing your order, we may reject your request, or charge an additional fee.
Q: Is consumption tax included in the prices?
A: Yes the prices are all tax included.

Regarding products

Q: What is the difference between art post cards and matte cards?
A: Art post cards are shiny with a high degree of gloss, and are capable of producing clear images. Matte cards are less shiny, and will produce a more muted, high-class tone.
Q: What does “~kg” mean?
A: “~kg” is an indication of ream weight. It shows the weight (kg) of 1000 pieces of paper (called a series). This applies to any paper size.
Q: Is color proofing possible?
A: Yes, it can be ordered. Digital proofing (DDCP) is available. Please use this service when you need to check the color of the final product in advance.
Q: Is spot color printing available?
A: No, not at this time.
Q: What is the limit for paper size?
A: The smallest available size is 50mmx50mm, the largest is A1(594mmx841mm). For prices, please refer to the price list. If prices are no shown on the list, please contact us.

Regarding data uploading

Q: What methods are available for uploading data?
A: Please choose from WEB, FTP, email, and media delivery.
Q: What kind of process is involved in data checking?
A: We will check whether the data you uploaded is printable.
We do not check for typos or errors regarding color.
Q: If there are any inadequacies in the uploaded data, will it be corrected?
A: To avoid mistakes, as a rule we do not correct data inadequacies.
The customer will need to correct it and re-upload the correct data.
Q: If the data is re-uploaded, will it affect the delivery date?
A: The date on which you re-upload the data will become the new “reception date”, so delivery will be delayed accordingly. We will do our best to accommodate your request regarding delivery, but please be careful to upload the correct data in order to make the process as smooth as possible.
Q: What is a template?
A:  If you use a template when creating data with Illustrator, mistakes caused by specification errors regarding size or coloring can be avoided.
Q: Is it possible to print data created by RGB?
A: RGB data can be printed by converting it to CMYK data. 
The problem is that outcome of color may be completely different than what is expected. Also, there will be an additional fee for conversion of data from RGB to CMYK, so please be sure to create data on CMYK.
Q: Is data from previous printing orders stored?
A: Data is stored for 3 months from the day the order was placed. (1 year for envelope printing)
Data that has expired beyond that period will be terminated for privacy policy purposes.

Regarding payment

Q: What are the available payment methods?
A: You may choose from bank transfer, credit card, or cash on delivery.
Q: Can you issue a receipt?
A: We at Enet print refrain from issuing receipts in order to cut back on administrative costs so as to reduce product prices for our customers. For this reason, we generally do not issue receipts and ask customers who require them to pay an additional 1000jpy as an administrative fee. Please refer to the following link for details.

Regarding delivery and schedule

Q: Do you ship overseas?
A: A: Yes, we can ship both domestically and overseas. Shipping charges will apply for overseas delivery.
Q: Is it possible to have the product delivered directly to the client? Do you deliver to multiple locations?
A: It is possible for you to select multiple shipping addresses upon ordering. To change or add a shipping address, please access “My Page” or contact our customer support service. Please note that delivery fee is free for only the first shipping address. Delivery to additional addresses will require a separate fee.
Q: What is the definition of the “delivery deadline”?
A: “Delivery deadline” refers to the day the product is shipped. Please note that it does not refer to the day you receive the product. 
Q: How do I check the progress of my order?
A: You can check the progress of your order through “My Page”


Q: Can I see a print sample?
A: We can send you a color chart, and a postcard size sample. Please let us know if you need a sample by accessing “Request information” on the main menu.
Q: Can I request a quotation?
A:  For products that are not listed on the website, we can give you a separate quotation.
Please contact our customer support service.

Request Information

Free sample!

Please confirm the quality of our products

Color chart / Paper sample / User guide

For many, it is little risky to order flyer printing etc online. But with Enet Print’s original color chart, you will be able to create your data with an image of what the final product will look like. All your worries regarding photos and screen tint colors will be solved! Combined with Digicon Premium, which is useful for photos, prediction of the finished design will be possible with a high degree of precision. This free sample is a service provided exclusively by Enet Print, made possible because we deliver the whole package from order-taking to shipping, and is highly valued by customers. The sample allows you to check not only color, but also to compare clarity of images, character sizes, and differences due to over print. It will answer the question all our customers ask themselves; “What will this look like when it is actually printed?”.
In addition, the same images or photos can look different depending on what kind of paper it is printed on. The paper samples included in the package will give you a clear idea of what the final product will look like.

*Please note the user guide book is only available in Japanese.

*Please note that some paper samples will not be included in the free sample package. If you would like additional samples, please contact our customer support service. We will do our best to accommodate your request, provided we have the sample in stock.

[Items included in the sample package]
  • 16 page user guidebook (Saddle stitch booklet: A4,Main text coated 90kg、Cover coated 135kg)
  • Original color chart (Perfect binding booklet: A5, Main text coated 110kg、Matte coated 110kg、high quality paper 110kg,Cover art post card 220kg)
  • Printing paper samples (16 types: postcard size) *Some paper samples will not be included in the package.
  • Enet Print original clear file
  • Depending on the region and transportation conditions, delivery may take 2~7 days.

Order Sample


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